BiSH Are Back – Kinda

As many visitors to my once world famous food blog know I almost poisoned myself cooking with Fairy Liquid. As a consequence of this near death experience I must have suffered brain damage because all I’ve been doing since is writing about Japanese music. Aside from the obvious Babymetal, another band that really caught my ear in 2014 was the terribly controversial ‘anti girl’ Idolcore band called Brand New Idol Society.

BiS, as they were styled, just didn’t give a fuck. If it wasn’t performing in underwear or posing for Playboy covered in fake semen it was offering cleaning services on Amazon. But BiS disbanded in July 2014 and I was all sad.

That is until someone pointed me in the direction of a new single by a thing called BiSH:

BiSH seem to be produced by ex-BiS manager Junnosuke Watanabe (WACK) and have an album out called Brand-new idol SHiT *sigh*. So I was all like super and happy and stuff and totally sprinted off to Soundcloud to give it a spin!

And what is BiSH’s new record like?

At its very very worst this new album is merely ‘nea bad, ken!’ and in truth I haven’t heard an album this good – and consistently good – in years. Right off the bat, opening track Story Brighter is a super catchy pop-punk number very similar to Brand New Idol society’s Die and just check out the killer chorus to Salovercana:

The other thing that is real cool about this collection of songs is the diversity; at once there is the straight up power metal of Monsters, the very retro Steroelab-esque verses of Hug Me and then, uuuh THIS which isn’t a million miles from sounding like the Banasplits fighting with Sooty and Sweep.

Or something equally menacing.

And it’s a bit tricky picking out the real highlights because there are just so many; maybe School Girls Bang Bang, a Tony Basil inspired cheerleader chant that half way through simply decides it would rather be an ethnic folk song:

Or maybe final song Spark (Scandal fans take note, you will dig this):

In summary, Brand-new idol SHiT has a stupid title but is also a super mixed up, catchy as all hell and brilliantly written anti-pop album. I remember when I first came across Babymetal I had a hunch that something big might happen to them. Maybe BiSH need that viral moment too, but at the very least this album serves as a serious declaration of intent.

Rating: 9/10

BiSH’s debut is available on Amazon and you can follow BiSH on Twitter.

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