As many visitors to my world famous site know, I am a huge fan of Babymetal and a horrible liar because last time I began a sentence like this I said I would never blog about them again. Well just get over your high horses ‘cos I’ve just got back from London where I totally saw them live! 

It was an awesome gig. My friend, Fraser, said afterwards that it was ‘up there’ and ‘one of the best’, which is kinda funny cos two nights before he was all like ‘they’re rubbish’ and ‘metal is shit’ and ‘I’m only going because Stan got me a f*cking ticket you bunch of weirdos’. My point is this: Babymetal at The Forum in London on the 7th July 2014 might well go down as one of the best metal concerts in recent memory. If you think this is hyperbole then say so in the comments darling.



First up, the band are tighter than an Anaconda’s hand shake (snakes have hands, FACT).


BOH (real name) showed some pretty epic skills as did the drummer and guitarists, who tore the stage to ribbons with their virtuoso skills.


What else? Suzuka has an amazing voice and commanded the crowd like some kind of demonic goddess.


Her voice really is good y’know; it’s not only that it has a lovely tone but – and this is for a wee girl remember – it’s very powerful and she really showed us that in songs like Akatsuki and the ‘for all my life I mean this’ scream during Headbangya!!!.

Next up were Moa and Yui who are astonishingly good dancers and I had no idea how much they have to move around the stage.

moa and yui

It’s probably by a curious quirk or happy coincidence, it is this hyperactive dancing that drives the audience mentalist.

The other thing that stood out was just how heavy the music is. Songs like Megitsune (especially Megitsune, surprisingly) and the completely bonkers breakdown in iine are moments of pure metal joy.

Which brings us finally onto the now notorious Forum Babymetal WOD:

Well, when in Rome and all that, right?

Final words?

My friend Stan came up to me afterwards and said words to the effect of “I’m a middle aged black man and I remember looking at this young white girl, covered in sweat, and we’re both looking at each other and we have that look in our eyes that’s telling the other: that was the real shit.”

And I and every one of you that went to see Babymetal at The Forum on July 7 2014 won’t disagree with any of that.

Peace out.


Photos Dana Yevin; unknown source.

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