Interview Questions for Ladybaby

I’m interviewing these crazy cats when they perform Hyperjapan November 27-29.

What should I ask them?


  1. Ariiza13

    maybe you can ask their thoughts about each member of BM (even kamiband)?, and yoau can also ask if they attend to the bm concerts. 🙂

  2. Waterz

    Why do they pander to pedos? I get that pedos are going to show up when there are cute young girls performing, but they don’t just accept but explicitly encourage that kind of audience.

      • Waterz

        Okay. For example: They have the girls perform dance moves where they run their hands up and down their bodies, they have the girls wrestle with each other and with Ladybeard and they have the girls kiss on stage. And that’s just what i gathered from watching 3 videos, i’m sure there is plenty more where that came from.
        You might think that is all is all “harmless” or that it can all be explained through the always convenient shield of “cultural differences”(although the Japanese people i have talked with about this feel pretty much the same way as i do) or whatever.

        But read this interview:

        In that interview Ladybeard describes fans as “old gentleman who have the hots for touching a high school girl’s body”. Not long after that they had the girls start stagediving.

        You can say that they are not sexualized and that they do not pander to pedos, but i am definitely not convinced, and i bet you would have a pretty hard time convincing anyone that did not WANT to be convinced.
        Western media has published plenty of semi-fawning fluffy articles about Ladybaby that are distracted by how “weird and wacky” it is with the cross-dressing wrestler and that pretty much completely ignores this other, creepy, side of the package. Is this interview going to be another one of those?

        And no, i am not going. I heard good things about the last Hyper Japan event from a friend and thought about flying in for this one but the music selection(which is the only part that i have enough interest in to justify the cost of plane tickets, hotel etc.) is frankly terrible. And honestly, even if it was better i would not go as it would not feel right giving money to an event that supports Ladybaby, given how i feel about the group.

      • myfoodeeblog

        what troubles me Waterz is that you’re fixated on the sexual aspect of it all. Which, if I’m being honest, creeps me the fuck out.

      • Waterz

        I can’t reply to your post further down so i’ll do it here:

        Why do you think i am fixated by it? Because i don’t ignore it? I know it would be much easier to be an idol fan if i would just pretend that everything in the industry was great and that there was no creepy, shady, perverted, exploitative or harmful stuff going on. But i can’t do that. And i don’t want to.

        What creeps ME out is when people pretend that something is innocent, harmless fun when that is obviously not the case.

  3. Lercow

    Id like to know if they intentionally targeted a western otaku audience. With everything from the first song being pretty much “come to japan it’s just like you always dreamed” to everything being a combination of japanese viral stuff: the music being obviously inspired by BabyMetal who are kinda popular in the west the concept of prowrestler dressing unusually doing inappropriate things taken from Hard gay who went viral and crossdressing prowrestler performing with idols being taken from Korikki who had a viral hit with it back in the day.

    • myfoodeeblog

      I’m guessing the crowds are different over there? My experience at the babymetal show was the crowd was anything but creepy weirdos.

      • Lercow

        did you reply to the wrong comment or something?? i didnt write anything about crowds at Babymetal shows lol i have never even been to one here OR “over there”!

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