WTF Is It With BiSH?


I was a massive fan of BiS and by default I suppose BiSH. I’ve written about the latter before when I reviewed their awesome first album but I’ve never really paid much attention to them on Youtube until the site began throwing random suggestions at me.

And that’s when I began to realise something. Whoever is managing BiSH is a bit weird. Why?

1)They have a video which seems to be scat related. Or something. Maybe its about mud packs or something equally innocent.

Either way, it doesn’t look like the girls are having too much fun.

2)There’s a video of them and a band member is in her bra.

Why the fuck is she just in her bra? This makes absolutely no sense.

3)And I don’t know what the fuck is going on here (fast forward to 3:02)

Very sketchy.

So anyone fill me in? Is this what the idol scene is by and large? Just exploiting girls?

I’m on Twitter FYI.

Image copyright Tokyogirlsupdate.

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