Guest Post – Miyavi Live Review


Hiya food fans.

I couldn’t make Miyavi’s London show but I had a little helper by way of Narine Chalabi – one of the photo journalists covering the event – and I asked her to write a short, succinct review.

Which she totally didn’t.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Miyavi read on!

The day which many fans in Europe have been waiting for since the announcement of the EU leg of MIYAVI tour 2015 “WE ARE THE OTHERS” back in June, had finally kicked off on 27th of September 2015 at Shephard’s Bush Empire in London. And with the show MIYAVI started his fifth European tour.

There were fans who had queued up since early AM and fans who had traveled from all over the globe just to see their favourite artist. Since the first time was back in 2008 with “This iz the Japanese kabuki rock world tour” MIYAVI has never missed the chance to stop by London and make sure his fans witnessed his continuing evolution.
68The evening kicked off at 8pm with the support act Erica Nockalls. After the support band had wrapped up their great performance it was time for MIYAVI and his drummer Bobo to take over the stage. The lights were switched off and the powerful intro of MIYAVI’s song Cruel from his newest album The Others started to play minutes before MIYAVI and Bobo made their appearances. First one to come out was Bobo. He was greeted by happy fans and took his “battle” place at the drum kit. And then MIYAVI “the Japanese Samurai Guitarist“ entered the scene followed by lots of loud cheers. His heavy guitar sound and displeased lyrics of his song filled the venue as he stated “The world is Cruel”.

The mood  changed when MIYAVI shouted “Are you ready London?” hitting his guitar as each beat carried through the crowd making them want more; it was time to ask  What’s my name? MIYAVI carries a powerful level of guitar playing that sums up his essence as a performer. Each time MIYAVI sang “What’s my name?”  the fans screamed “MIIIIYAAAVIIII”.

“What’s up London? Having a good time? Alright, my name is MIYAVI and on the drums Bobo. This is my fifth time to have an EU tour. It’s too many but every time I come back to London I’m so proud and so happy to be here. Please enjoy yourselves tonight ok?”

Come alive – a fresh and vibrant track from “The Others” album was the song next on the set list. The crowd was feeling alive together with MIYAVI, sharing the same moment filled with happiness and positive energy. The next riffs from MIYAVIs guitar was instantly recognised, but it’s a Secret which one it is though! Then to make fans go even wilder MIYAVI went back in time to 2006 and played Selfish love a track loved by many with his signature guitar slapping.

Miyavi then went back to regaling the crowd:


“Every single time I have a concert in London it makes me nervous, just speaking in English. And it’s really hard to understand the British accent but anyway, thanks for coming today”

“Today is the first day of this EU leg, so hard to deal with the jet lag. I don’t know why Bobo is totally fine.” .

78“I recorded my new album in Nashville last year, did you get it? That experience was very precious in my life because I learnt many things from the experience. The concept is the others, we’re all the others, and we’re all migrants. Now from the TV there are many sad news are coming on. Anyway, we are having a good time and we are able to play music right here – that’s something we need to appreciate. We’re all different, we’re all the others, we’re all different colour, we’re all different but the key to unite is to understand, accept and respect each other. That’s why I’m so happy to be here as an Asian. And that’s the responsibility of culture – be it music, fashion or whatever. Nobody listens to music to be sad – sometimes yeah. But we need music to feel positive, to feel the bright future. That’s why I’m so happy to be here to share the moment with you tonight – thank you. The next track is also a track I wrote in Nashville – Calling”.

Then MIYAVI said to the fans “the next track I need you to sing along with me ok?” He started to play Cry like this from “MIYAVI” album sharing the same energy and vibe of the fans. Everyone waved their hands in harmony to MIYAVI’s singing as he guided them through the song. He finished “Cry like this” and asked  “You want more rock right?” and at this moment both MIYAVI and his drummer turned into samurais as they battled each other before starting the next track – Survive.


The following song was Let go, with powerful lyrics resuming his attitude to deal with the struggles while acting in the movie “UNBROKEN” as the sadistic prison guard Matsuhiro Watanabe. The Others song – the lead track of the album from Nashvielle was the next on the list. Fans who had travelled from France, Spain, Hungary, South Korea, Japan and many other countries were in the same venue, under the stage, sharing the same moment and making MIYAVI’s concept of “the others” come true as he stated “We are the others, we’re all different, we’re all every colour, and we’re right here to be one, to unite, to feel the future”.

Horizon was the last song which had fans jumping, singing, dancing and cheering together. MIYAVI and Bobo then left the stage thanking the fans.

They did not have to wait for long as MIYAVI and Bobo were fast back on stage to rock on. MIYAVI said to the hyped crowd that it was Bobo’s birthday, so fans sang happy birthday together and made the first night of the European tour special.

MIYAVI then got in his position to play the next song Mission Impossible theme rearranged by himself for the latest M:I Movie. Next, What a wonderful world was played; a catchy and a favourite among many MIYAVI fans.

Last song for the night was Day 1 “Thank you so much London, I’ll be back soon okay? I love you, goodnight!”

The kick off to the European leg was powerful, intense and energetic – making it unforgettable for many fans seeing MIYAVI for the first time and for those who have witnessed this before. It was a night where fans were united as one. We are the others and MIYAVI portrayed that through the London show.



  1. What’s my name?
  2. Come alive
  3. Secret
  4. Selfish love
  5. Calling
  6. Cry like this
  7. Survive
  8. Let go
  9. The others
  10. Horizon


  1. Mission impossible theme song
  2. What a wonderful world
  3. Day 1

All images copyright Narine Chalabi

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