Amatsuki – I Love Anime


Rising international star Amatsuki rocked MCM London Comic Con recently, as the three-day pop culture event experienced record numbers of more than 133,000 people attending, making it Europe’s biggest comic con and the third biggest event of its kind globally.

Amatsuki, who originally became popular through recording cover songs online, has since topped Japan’s national charts with his original work and I was lucky enough to catch up with him back stage at the convention for a quick chat!

Answers by Amatsuki unless otherwise stated.

Tell me a bit about how you became famous

I posted videos of myself singing on Nico Nico Douga (a Japanese version of youtube)

Why did you decide to make cover versions of vocaloid songs?

I love listening to music, and one day I came across vocaloid tracks. I got attracted to it; found beauty in hearing something that is inhuman.

Do you imitate the vocaloid style of singing?

I don’t really imitate. I try to sing vocaloid songs in my own style.

Are you surprised with your success in the West now?



What’s been the most pleasant surprise for you?

My concert DVD got the number 1 spot in the Japanese charts!

What has surprised you about becoming famous?

I was given the chance to sing in front of an audience, and so many people came to watch my performance.

Did you actively promote your videos?

No, not at all. I simply did what I loved, and people started to watch and follow my videos.

What do you think of London?

I had never gone further out than Asia, so this is the first European country I have been to. Just walking in the city and looking around is exciting, as it’s totally different from Japan. The architecture here is very pretty as well.

Where do you want to go in London?

Big Ben.. and oh yes, the royal observatory in Greenwich!

Do you listen to any Western music?

I do listen to Western music, but don’t have a favourite.


Do you have a style of music that you enjoy?

I would say rock; like Zebrahead.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?

A nursery school teacher! At university, I used to take up courses relating to it.

Any thoughts about the MCM Comicon?

I love anime, and it makes me so happy to see people from abroad showing their love for Japanese things.

Amatsuki’s music is available now to stream on Spotify and iTunes.

Translated by Hayato ‘hamurun’ Aida

Images Copyright Chris Woods

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