Doll$ Box Are My New BiS

Doll$ Box have been around for ages and ages (2012) but I’ve never paid them much attention until researching interview questions for Broken Doll. And I hate to admit it: this band is fucking awesome.

Merrily High Go Round (above) is a case in point; a super well crafted song with solid instrumentals (yes, that guitar solo modulates all over the place) and world class vocals courtesy of classically trained Fuki.

Maybe not as heavy as BandMaid, but with -I think – better song writing, I wish I’d listened to more of Doll$ Box a bit sooner.

Album Doll$ Apartment is on my playlist ‘natch along with BiS, BABYMETAL, BandMaid and er, Cliff Richard.

Hook me up on Twitter, bitches.


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