I took out a Youtube advert for my EDM song so you don’t have to

Did it work?

As a producer you want to increase the number of folks that hear your song. You might have Soundcloud or other pages. I have a Soundcloud page but what I’m finding is that I reach other EDM producers by virtue of the way I network (feedback channels). This might be just like you.

I wanted to find out if a Youtube advert with a small $10 budget could drive listeners to hear my songs.

The advert I placed on Youtube was a 40 second clip of a song I wrote. The advert linked to the full version of my song on Youtube.

The advert was aimed at a ‘music’ demographic, and that could be any kind of music. The advert was not branded, had no calls to action, was a static image, was just music playing.

I paid $0.04 for anyone watching more than 5 seconds of the advert. I paid $0.07 for anyone clicking through to the full song.

470 folks viewed the advert. 0% clicked through to the full song.
50% watched the full advert compared to a benchmark of 15-31% for an average advert.

Is it worth it? I spent $10 and it was a fun thought experiment. If you  want to add views to a video at all costs then maybe this is for you but I was not able to prove its worth beyond that. The only other interesting finding was the advert held attention higher than the benchmark (50% watched the full 40 seconds of the advert).

Comment on low click through rate
Click through rates vary but are around 0.5% for a regular advert. My advert was 0%.

Clicking through to the destination link from the advert interrupts the users task “watch my video”. Probably compounded by no clear calls to action on the original advert. My advert was fairly useless driving users to my full song on Youtube.

What you could do better
Target the advert better: I chose default demographics. You could be more thorough.

Make the advert better: clear calls to action, clear message, not just music playing against a plain background.

See the advert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OXcRiD592I

I’ll be writing more about my adventures in music promotion as and when I can. In the meantime, if you have comments, comment!

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