I like to write about Japanese music and all my friends think I’m weird.

This is the sister website to my foodblog.


  1. Menage

    this is bELA from the Canadian/Portuguese, brother/sister fronted band, Menage.
    Here is our latest video/song, “They Never Call”.

    We would LOVE to have it featured on your blog
    and look forward to touring Japan someday soon, at which time, hopefully we will see you in the audience:)

    Thanks for your time,

  2. Joakim Kleven

    Hello! My name is Joakim Kleven, I’m a filmmaker / influencer from Norway who loves to make documentaries and music videos. I have made three songs/music videos by myself, and hopefully I can make more in the future! I am very fascinated by japanese culture and music, and a big dream of mine is to one day live in Japan and work as an artist and director. Something I was wondering about: Is this a website were you can pitch/ send in music that you have made? It would have been so cool to try and build up a new audience in Japan, but I don’t know where to start.

    Thank you so much for your time!


    Joakim Kleven – Generation 2.0

    Joakim Kleven – HypnotisM:

    Joakim Kleven – Scream It Out:


    • myfoodeeblog

      Generally I don’t accept pitches but I’ll listen to your stuff. It’s hard to find an angle with pitched music you see,

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