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The Greatest BABYMETAL Tracks Since The Beginning Of The Universe


Recently Mental Hamster ran a top ten BABYMETAL tracks OF ALL TIME!!!!!!! and over here at Najinsan I was all like “Eh? That looks like they’ve cobbled together ten tracks at random as a simple exercise in clickbait” and then I was all like “I bet I can make a better list simply by putting in one extra song and suffixing with MORE HYPERBOLE!

Which I totally did. Continue reading

What’s The Difference Between Band-Maid and BABYMETAL?


In a recent interview with Teamrock, Miku Kobato from Bandmaid explained rather succinctly “we play our own instruments”.

Of course, depending on how one views BABYMETAL this isn’t strictly true: BABYMETAL’s Kami band has some of the best metal musicians on the planet right now (FACT). Is Miku being a little disingenuous?

Anyway, Band-Maid tour Europe this autumn and headline The Underworld, London, UK on October 12.

For more information visit JPU Records.

Watching BABYMETAL Play With Rob Halford Is The Very Worst And Very Best Thing You Will Ever See

BABYMETAL broke heavy metal once and for all when they played the APMAs on Monday night, Ohio.

Awkward, bizarre, hilarious, joyful, messy, adorable all at once and in your face, the wee scamps tore through latest single Karate and joined what can only be described as an inflatable version of Rob Halford for ‘Priest classics Painkiller and Breakin’ The Law.

Mow and Yee Metal (as they shall forever be styled from this point) even played guitar towards the end of the batshit insane mini-set; a sight which will no doubt depress law abiding (hahhaha erm, lol) trv kvlt metal fans everywhere. But so what? BABYMETAL are utterly unstoppable now.

BABYMETAL Have A New Music Video

Well about time. Hasn’t it been like two years since they’ve made something? I’m not counting Road Of Resistance. Just cos.

Anyway here it is. My very brief thoughts after the vid.

It starts off promisingly enough with the three girls facing off against 3 ghosts or something. And then it goes very badly tits up: the choreography lacks fluidity and stutters and it’s all very serious. Videos like Megitsune and Gimme Choco were great fun and showcased the daftness of the band, but this all feels very dry and soulless and … forced.

On the plus side Karate is a killer metal song; and it is a metal song through and through. BABYMETAL seem to be transitioning towards something quite formidable and it will be interesting to see what the new album brings to the table. Will it be ‘the best album ever made’ as some hyperbolic reviewers claim? Time will tell.



Actually, I’ve watched it again and it, erm, kinda gets much better from the point I clicked off. Still not sure about the dancing though 😉

But what do YOU think? You think I’m a bitter and twisted knob jockey? Yes, probs, but I’m also honest. Comments wait below.

6 Random Music Acts To Watch In 2016

I wrote this blog post last year about 7 Japanese acts to watch in 2015 and was all super happy when the likes of BABYMETAL went onto become global superstars so I thought it would be appropriate to do a similar piece this year, except this time I’m even going to include some Western music! So why don’t you join me for a cup of coffee and a run-down of six acts I think are set for bigger things this year. Continue reading