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BABYMETAL Have A New Music Video

Well about time. Hasn’t it been like two years since they’ve made something? I’m not counting Road Of Resistance. Just cos.

Anyway here it is. My very brief thoughts after the vid.

It starts off promisingly enough with the three girls facing off against 3 ghosts or something. And then it goes very badly tits up: the choreography lacks fluidity and stutters and it’s all very serious. Videos like Megitsune and Gimme Choco were great fun and showcased the daftness of the band, but this all feels very dry and soulless and … forced.

On the plus side Karate is a killer metal song; and it is a metal song through and through. BABYMETAL seem to be transitioning towards something quite formidable and it will be interesting to see what the new album brings to the table. Will it be ‘the best album ever made’ as some hyperbolic reviewers claim? Time will tell.



Actually, I’ve watched it again and it, erm, kinda gets much better from the point I clicked off. Still not sure about the dancing though 😉

But what do YOU think? You think I’m a bitter and twisted knob jockey? Yes, probs, but I’m also honest. Comments wait below.

So Uhhhh There’s a New Album By A Certain Band Coming Out

There are loads of really cool albums due for release shortly; one for a certain Japanese band I’ve followed for a while. All I will say is that if you’re a fan of this group, you’re in for a treat. That’s all I’m saying. And this is my blog so I can say what the fuck I like.

Is it better than the first? No. It’s just very very different.